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Hi all,

We are looking at the possibility to integrate Adaxes with our IT service management system (based on BMC Remedy).
In this case the ITSM system will be the provider of user information (foundation data). For example site location, departments, ...
So when , for example, we add a new office, we want to update automatically dedicated pattern in Adaxes.

Do you have any experiences with this type of integration, or any ideas on how we can deal with ?

Thanks in advance



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Hello Sebastien,

You have three options for achieving your task:
1. Adaxes ADSI Provider
Adaxes exposes an ADSI provider that can be accessed from any language that supports COM (such as PowerShell, C, C++, VBscript and the like). If your ITSMS has a sort of scripting language that can access the COM layer (and thus the ADSI provider), you can access the ADSI provider to perform any operations. For example, you can take a look at the scripts in the following example from our SDK for information on how to update Property Patterns via the ADSI provider: http://www.adaxes.com/sdk/?ManagingProp ... terns.html.

2. CSV Import / Export
If your ITSM system can export the necessary data to CSV files, you can use the generated CSV files to update data in your AD. For example, you can update the data on schedule, say, once a day in the evening. For information on how to schedule import of data from CSV files, see the following tutorial: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveD ... romCSV.htm.

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