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I played a little bit with the new office 365 feature and I 've a quick question.
I create user in AD through Adaxes and I wait the user to be synchronized to run the office 365 built in Activation task. The licence is correctly activated and mailbox created but my question is : Is there a way to add a custom smtp address to a user after/during activation ? Without using a PS script I mean :)

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You can do it exactly the same as you do with on-premises mailboxes. Take a look at Example 4 in step 4 of the following tutorial: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Automat ... ration.htm.


Hello and thanks for your answer,

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong :) because I already tried that and I get the error : The recipient doesn't have neither a mailbox nor an e-mail address.

Below the steps I follow :

1. Creation of a user account (without a mailbox) on our AD
2. Wait for user to be synchronized (through Dirsync)
3. Activation of O365 license using Adaxes features (=> mbx creation in the cloud)
4. Modification of smtp/sip addresses




As far as we understand, the SIP address is changed by a Business Rule, isn't it? If so, could you post here or send us (to support[at]adaxes.com) a screenshot of it?


Hi again,

In fact I've a Scheduled task (in order to wait user to be synchronized) :

When the task is executed I first activate O365 license as follow :

Then I update Exchange properties :

And I get the following error :

Do you need other info ?

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Hi, I had the same idea (another scheduled task) and I did on a scope of two accounts created and activated since yesterday, with a mailbox in the cloud.
And I get the same error.


:shock: where is your previous post ?!


Sorry, a small misunderstanding occurred :)

Actually, we strongly recommend doing it not in a Scheduled Task, but in a Business Rule. A Business Rule triggered after creating a user can activate an Office 365 account for each new user, modify the mailbox properties and send the welcome e-mail.

When an Office 365 account is created for a user via Adaxes, DirSync will simply simply link that account to the user in your AD on next synchronization, and will update all the properties. So, you shouldn't worry that the Office 365 account won't be created by DirSync.

Also, any action that deals with a user's mailbox and that follows assigning Office 365 licenses will be automatically postponed by Adaxes until the mailbox is actually created in Office 365.

As to the error message, we can only suppose that you disabled the Exchange Online service for your Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan in the tenant configuration. Please, check your tenant configuration and make sure that the Exchange Online service is enabled for the plan.

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