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I'd like to set up a business rule to automatically enable the Office 365 archiving feature for newly created users.

I've found the PowerShell code to do this, but I'm not sure how to get it set up in Adaxes.

I've already got my business rules #1) to create the Office 365 mailbox in Office 365 and #2 activate their license (we have E3 licenses).

So I'm assuming I'll need to add the following command as a PowerShell script for archiving:

Enable-Mailbox -Identity %mail% -Archive

Here's the command for setting the retention policy:

Set-Mailbox %mail% -RetentionPolicy <name of policy>

Is there more that I need to do to get it to connect to our Office 365 account or does it know to use that automatically?

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You don't need PowerShell code to accomplish this, you can do this with built-in Adaxes actions using the UI. For instructions on how to accomplish your task, have a look at the Automate Exchange Mailbox Configuration Tutorial. In particular, see Example 5 and Example 6 in step 4. On the last step of Example 6, you don't need to select an archive database because for Exchange Online mailboxes a database is provided automatically.


Thank you - I completely missed those instructions.

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