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We experienced today that one of our managed domains became unreachable. That gave us, what i would call, a wierd problem:

The user 'user1@domail1.local' can't be logged in. A local error has occurred on 'manageddomain.local'.

Why would a error on one of the managed domains stop a user from logging in to the web interface??

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If you've enabled or disabled access to the Web interface to certain groups, as described in this tutorial: http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_WebInte ... erface.htm, to log a user in, Adaxes needs to check whether the user is/is not a member of the specified groups. For this purpose, Adaxes Web Interface performs a search for all the groups that the user is a member of in all the managed and available domains.

Since your domain returns A local error has occurred error message, this means that there are some issues with the domain and it cannot process the request from Adaxes Web interface, but it is not completely down. Since the domain is not yet completely down, Adaxes doesn't mark it as unavailable, and thus Adaxes Web Interface continues polling it for the groups that the user is a member of, but since the domain cannot process the request, the error occurs.

To remedy the issue until the domain is available again, we recommend restarting Adaxes service. If the domain won't be responding in a proper manner upon Adaxes service restart, it will be marked as inactive. If this doesn't help, try unregistering it at least for the time until it becomes fully available again.

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