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I have a question about Business Rule. Can it be triggered by the operation performed outside the Adaxes system (e.g. using ADUC)?

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No, Business Rules are triggered only if the operation is performed via:
- Adaxes Administration Console,
- Adaxes Web Interface,
- Adaxes ADSI Provider (scripts),
- Adaxes PowerShell module,
- Adaxes SPML Provider.


The new version of Adaxes (2011.3) includes a new feature called Scheduled Tasks. This feature can help you.
What's New: http://adaxes.com/info_whats-new.htm

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Hi, I recall reading in documentation that business rules will be triggered also if changes are made in AD MMC or powershell. Right now the rules are triggered when changes ... so would there be any way to have business rules triggered in these cases? Thanks

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I need a way of triggering a business rule based on the user (and not the group) being added or removed from a group. The reason I would like this triggered on the user is so ... prefer not to do that. I am checking to see if there is another way to do this.

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I have created a Business Rule (call it BR1) that occurs After adding or removing a member from a group . For testing purposes, it currently runs a PowerShell script ... the Business Rule I created. Is this expected behavior? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Is there a way to have the Create User trigger to run a command to trigger the update user flag/trigger to be hit? The goal is to have specific Create User tasks to also go through the same tasks as the Update user.

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Is it possible to send an email from Adaxes when certain AD objects are modified outside of Adaxes? With Business Rules it looks pretty easy to do that inside of Adaxes ... something changes on the object and the change was not initiated by Adaxes. Thank you.

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