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We have 2 Adaxes service servers which should be configured as a high availability pair. Our main server is licensed correctly but we can't get into the Adaxes console on the other - it gives an error 'evaluation period has expired'. This server as the same licence file on as the one which is working (this is perhaps not the correct way to do it?).
We would appreciate any help as we need to have HA tested before rolling out to users.

Thank you

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Update 2021

Starting with version 2021.1 the license key is replicated among all the instances of Adaxes service sharing common configuration.



You need to apply your license key file that you received from us on both the servers as described in the following help article: http://www.adaxes.com/help/?HowDoI.Mana ... cense.html. After the license key on both the servers, try restarting Softerra Adaxes Service on both the computers.

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