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I'm trying to create a new command that can apply to User objects across multiple domains that are in OUs with the same 'Name' i.e. an OU called Directors that occurs in five different domains managed by Adaxes

So far i've found the attribute 'adm-ParentName' but i'm not sure it's possible to run LDAP queries on an Adaxes attribute?

I've also tried messing around with the 'DistinguishedName' attribute but I can't seem to make it work with just contains 'OU Name' i.e. (distinguishedname=OU Name)

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Hello Richard,

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to create such an LDAP filter. You will need to use a PowerShell script that will grab the distinguished name of the target user OU (e.g. using the %adm-ParentDN% value reference) and then search for OUs with the same path in other domains managed by Adaxes to perform the required actions. For an example, have a look at the following script from our repository: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repository/reset-user-password-in-resource-domain-s333.htm.

Should you have issues writing the script, please, specify what actions it should perform and how you need it to be executed and we will help you.

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