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They can navigate to both the user or the group within the ADAXES web interface without issue. They can then either Add to Group or Add Member but the resulting selection window defaults to the domain where either the user or the group resides and that domain is grayed out - they are unable to change.

We've resorted to having to do this using ADUC or logging into the ADAXES console and performing the task in the LDAP view (find group, add user to group - modify the "Look in:" domain search by deleting the selected domain and adding in the desired domain and no problem.

So I think we're missing something here as it may be that we've done something to the web interface which prevents changing the lookup domain.

Any ideas?


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Most probably the Browse Dialog option is disabled for operations on AD objects in the Web Interface. To enable the option:

  1. Open Adaxes Web Interface Configurator.
  2. In the top left corner, select the required Web Interface.
  3. In the navigation panel on the left, click Browsing. image.png
  4. In the Navigation section, make sure the Show the Browse dialog image.png
  5. Save the changes.

Important: Before checking the changes, refresh the Web Interface page using Ctrl+F5.


You nailed it thank you!

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