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We have a Business rule that runs after successful user creation. It creates a EULA Word doc with the username and initial password for the new user. It was originally set as a run powershell script action, but we changed it to a custom command where, based on one user attribute (Department) we would run a different EULA script.

Prior to this change it was working. When we instituted the change, the EULA was created properly but the password was no longer populated, and when we test the script in the editor against a valid user, the password field is blank.

This was working before yesterday, and I don't believe any changes have been made to the Adaxes setup...

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I reverted the business rule back to run a powershell script and it is working as expected. Possibly there's a scoping issue between just running a script directly and running a custom command? The power shell script in both cases was identical (except for a minor change in a part of the script not connected with the EULA Doc creation...changeing the TO: line when emailing the document)


You can pass the initial password as a parameter to the custom command.

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The thing is that value reference %unicodePwd% can only be used in Business Rules triggering Before/After creating a user, resetting/changing/self-resetting password of a user. In all other cases, including Custom Commands, the value reference will resolve into an empty value.

As Eugene mentioned, you can execute the Custom Command in your Business Rule and pass the password as a parameter value. In this case, the Business Rule will look like the following, where userPassword is the parameter name: image.png For information on how to use parameters in Custom Commands, have a look at the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveDirectoryManagement_CreateCustomCommand.htm#how_to_use_parameters.


Thank you.

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