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We are looking at Adaxes as a way to update user's passwords offline and updating the computer's cached password.

Currently, a majority of our computers are off the network and not connected by VPN. With users working from home, using a GPO isn't the best way to deploy the client. We do have SCCM with CMG so we are able to deploy software via the Internet.

Is this a viable option? What issues are we not considering?

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Yes, you can use the following command:

msiexec /quiet /i "<path>AdaxesSelfServiceClient.msi" 

where <path> is the directory path where the MSI file is located.

However, to pull the settings from Adaxes service, the computer where the client is installed must be connected to a domain controller. After that, the computer can be disconnected and offline password reset will be available.

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