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Scripts repository


Approval requests approved during the last X days

The script e-mails a report on approval requests approved during a predefined number of days.
February 25, 2021 Views: 2241

Assign Conferencing Policy in Skype for Business On-Premises

The script assigns a Lync Conferencing Policy to a user.
May 11, 2021 Views: 2871

Assign Microsoft 365 license based on availability

The script assigns Microsoft 365 (Office 365) licenses based on their availability. For example, you can try assigning the Enterprise E5 license, and if there are no available E5 licenses, assign an Enterprise E3 one.
December 29, 2022 Views: 3337

Assign Password Self-Service Policy based on attribute

The script assigns a certain Password Self-Service Policy to a user if a certain attribute of the user account is empty, and another policy if it is not.
February 22, 2021 Views: 1982

Assign Security Role

Function to assign a Security Role to a user or group.
March 14, 2023 Views: 2461

Assign UPN suffix based on property of user account

The script assigns a UPN suffix to a user based on the value of a certain property of the user account.
February 24, 2021 Views: 4708

Assign/Revoke Microsoft 365 licenses based on user group membership priority

The script assigns a Microsoft 365 (Office 365) license for a user based on which AD group the user is a member of.
December 29, 2022 Views: 2993

Assigned Microsoft 365 licenses and services per OU

The script generates a report containing OUs directly located in a domain with the number of Microsoft 365 licenses and services assigned to users in the OUs.
September 30, 2021 Views: 470

Automatically add a digit to the full name if it is not unique in all domains

Automatically add a digit to the full name if it is not unique in all domains
February 24, 2021 Views: 1208

Automatically add a digit to the username if it is not unique

The scripts can be used to automatically generate a unique username for a user by adding a digit.
February 22, 2021 Views: 3706

Automatically update SIP address

This script automatically sets a user's SIP address the same as the primary SMTP address.
February 18, 2021 Views: 6244

Cancel user creation if there are no available Microsoft 365 licenses

The script cancels creation of a new user if there are no available Microsoft 365 (Office 365) licenses in the specified plans of the tenant associated with the user.
June 23, 2020 Views: 2119

Capitalize first letter in each word of a text property

The script makes sure that each word in a text property value starts with a capital letter and the rest are lower case.
February 25, 2021 Views: 630

Change Default Domain Password Policy

This script changes the default password policy of an Active Directory domain.
January 20, 2016 Views: 2350

Change password and reset password operations

The script creates and sends an HTML-formatted report on operations where a user password was changed via Adaxes, with a breakdown into Password Change, Administrative Password Reset and Self-Service Password Reset.
February 24, 2021 Views: 2165

Change permissions for SharePoint folder

The script updates permissions for a SharePoint folder.
February 22, 2021 Views: 6923

Change user ID in Microsoft 365

The script changes the ID of a user in Microsoft 365 (Office 365).
May 18, 2021 Views: 12193

Changes in group membership (including changes made by 3rd party tools)

The script sends a report on changes of an AD group membership, no matter whether the changes were made using Adaxes or any 3rd party tools, such as ADUC or Exchange.
November 23, 2021 Views: 3152

Check e-mail domains

This script checks whether e-mail addresses added to a mailbox belong to accepted e-mail domains in Exchange.
February 18, 2021 Views: 2656

Check extra group membership

The script returns true if the target object is a member of any groups except for the predefined ones.
February 25, 2021 Views: 475

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