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Script Repository

Add computers from an OU to user workstations

January 26, 2022 Views: 1196

The script adds computers from a specific Organizational Unit to user workstations. Current computers in user workstations will remain unchanged. To execute the script, create a business rule, custom command or scheduled task configured for the User object type.

In the script, the $OUDN variable specifies the distinguished name (DN) of the Organizational Unit to search computers in.

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$OUDN = "OU=Computers,DC=domain,DC=com" #TODO: modify me

# Get current logon workstations
    $logonWorkstations = $Context.TargetObject.Get("userWorkstations")
    $logonWorkstations = ""

# Search parameters
$searcher = $Context.BindToObjectByDN($OUDN)
$searcher.SearchFilter = "(&(objectCategory=computer)(dNSHostName=*))"
$searcher.SearchScope = "ADS_SCOPE_SUBTREE"
$searcher.PageSize = 500

    # Execute search
    $searchResultIterator = $searcher.ExecuteSearch()
    $searchResults = $searchResultIterator.FetchAll()
    if ($searchResults.Length -eq 0)
        $Context.LogMessage("No computers were found.", "Information")
    foreach ($searchResult in $searchResults)
        # Get computer DNS host name
        $computerDNSHostName = $searchResult.GetPropertyByName("dNSHostName").Values[0]        
        # Update workstations list
        if ($logonWorkstations -notlike "*$computerDNSHostName*")
            $logonWorkstations = $logonWorkstations + "," + $computerDNSHostName
    # Update the user
    $Context.TargetObject.Put("userWorkstations", $logonWorkstations)
    # Release resources
    if ($searchResultIterator){ $searchResultIterator.Dispose() }
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