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Script repository

Disable accounts specified in DN syntax property

May 04, 2023 Views: 269

The script disables the accounts specified in a DN syntax property of the target object. The script can be executed in business rules, custom commands and scheduled tasks.


  • $propertyName - Specifies the directory schema name of the property to obtain accounts for disabling from.
  • $pipelined - If set to $True, disabling the accounts will be passed through Adaxes pipeline to apply configured workflows (e.g. trigger corresponding business rules, create a log record in Adaxes for each update).
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$propertyName = "seeAlso" # TODO: modify me
$pipelined = $True # TODO: modify me

# Get property values
    $DNs = $Context.TargetObject.GetEx($propertyName)
    $Context.LogMessage("<TEXT>", "Information")

# Disable accounts
foreach ($DN in $DNs)
    $account = $Context.BindToObjectByDNEx($DN, $pipelined)
    $account.AccountDisabled = $True
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