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Managing Fine-Grained Password Policies

One of the core ideas of Adaxes is to let you manage all features related to Active Directory from the same place. Fine-grained password policies are no exception. Although Adaxes does not introduce anything revolutionary to this native AD feature, it definitely makes managing password policies a touch easier.

Convenient policy editing

All of your password policies and their restrictions are neatly presented in the same window in Adaxes. Even though you will not edit them often, Adaxes ensures not a single minute of your time will be wasted on comparing and reviewing policies and figuring out which is which.

Policies in the Administration console

If you manage multiple domains, you can quickly toggle between policies for each domain and edit them on the fly from the same window. If you need to find out which policy applies to a particular user, you can do it with a click of one button.

For a more comprehensive view and for auditing all fine-grained password policies, Adaxes has a powerful reporting feature that enables you to scrutinize every password policy in your organization on-demand or on a schedule.

Report for password policies
Report for password policies

Transparent policies in self-service

If you don't already know, Adaxes has a customizable Web interface that can serve as a self-service portal, where your users can reset their passwords and perform other activities. When a user resets their password, they don't need to second guess their password policy requirements – they can peek at them any time they need.

Policies in the Administration console

The same applies to the help desk team members. Help desk employees can theoretically have to reset passwords for multiple accounts during a working day. Each of those accounts can have a different password policy. Just being able to tell the password requirements for this particular account you are resetting right now is a blessing.

All in all, managing password policies is just a drop in the ocean of capabilities that Adaxes has to offer. To learn more about how Adaxes can improve, automate, and streamline your Active Directory environment, you are welcome to discover other Adaxes features and check out Adaxes tutorials.

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