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HSE Integrated Ltd Case Study


Prior to purchasing Softerra Adaxes, HSE would manually create, copy and deprovision user accounts daily. As this process can be tedious and with no guarantee of consistency of permissions, membership groups etc. made the process of administrating user accounts a technical challenge.


How Softerra Adaxes was able to apply a solution to these challenges was by utilizing the custom web interface and the built-in GUI features that allow us to simplify those scripts and features. An example is the task scheduler built into the administration console is able to run our Active Directory monthly clean-ups and notify those direct managers that their direct employee's account is locked or expired. Another example is the integration of Lync and Exchange GUI built in helps us administrator each account and the logical process that is required and keeping consistency. This reduces the steps of logging into the above applications and administrating any changes and keeping everything to 1 web interface that administrates all.


Adaxes really helped us by amalgamating all those tasks and scripts into a simpler process and create and setup a new user account to 5 seconds per user from 20 minutes ensuring no step was missed. This is a substantial benefit to the organization as it ensures each account is meticulously handled correctly and providing more time for other tasks.

Jean-Paul Verleyen
Systems Administrator


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