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Hello Community,

we want to allow every IT-Coordinator do disable Users.

Our Process is as followed:

  • the manager of the OU can mark a user to be disabled by a specific date! (not directly deleted, because we have a retention period in which out-of-office messages have to be sent)
  • approval by IT team
  • do some changes to the user, but the user has to be left active (changes in the screenshot)
  • user should be deleted automatically by a scheduled task after the date set by the manger plus one month


so the user has to be active until the user will be deleted. this is needed because we want to have an out-of-office message regarding for one month. afther this one month, the user can be deleted by the scheduled task.


my first try was to set the parameter given from the manager in the webform of the last day to a customattribute and then let the scheduled task run every day and see if the dates is one month after the "lastday-parameter".

is this possible in such a way?

or is there another way to schedule a task for later?

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You will need to use a slightly different approach:


thank you so much! ;-)

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