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I need to update some property patterns on a scheduled basis and am doing this via a powershell script. The particular attibute will be a drop down, but for ease of use I would like to set a default value if the list only has one option.

I've got the following which configures the attribute correctly, but is there a way to set the default value?

$item = $userPattern.Items.Create()
$item.PropertyName = "primaryTelexNumber"
$item.IsPropertyRequired = $True

$constraints = $item.GetConstraints()
$constraint = $constraints.Create("ADM_PROPERTYCONSTRAINTTYPE_VALUERANGE")
$constraint.AreValuesDenied = $False
$constraint.Values = @($dlList)
if ($dlList.Count -eq 1) {$constraints.DefaultValue = $dlList[0]} #This doesn't work!



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Yes, it is possible. You need to use the IAdmPropertyPatternItem::DefaultValue property. The value set as default must also be present in the list of allowed values for the property.


Thanks, I've seen that page already which is what made me think that having

if ($dlList.Count -eq 1) {$constraints.DefaultValue = $dlList[0]}

would work but it comes up with an error. Is that command right? Do I need to use the SetInfo() for the values first then do the DefaultValue after?




You are using the property for an object that supports an interface that does not have the DefaultValue property. To achieve the desired, the code line should be as follows:

if ($dlList.Count -eq 1) {$item.DefaultValue = $dlList[0]}

There is no need to do any other changes.


Perfect, thank you as always for the quick responses.

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