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I need to execute custom commands on a quarterly and yearly base,
Is it possible to achieve that within Adaxes? Maybe with a scheduled task?

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It looks like in the UI you can't set something for that type of timeline. I had a script that schedules a task for a termination at a certain date/time. You could take the approach of scheduling it for a certain date/time and then after it runs it sets the next date. You might have some logic to workout though depending on your needs.

Link to scripting a scheduled task: Create a Scheduled task to run a custom command


Thanks for referring to your post. The issue in my case is, that I do not have the date stored somewhere when the report needs to run.
And I like to avoid filling another two customAttributes per user object.
Hopefully there's a better way to achieve that

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You can achieve that by creating a Scheduled Task that will be executed every 365 or 90 days:

  1. Create a Scheduled Task.
  2. In the Task Schedule page, select Daily.
  3. Specify Every 365 days or Every 90 days.

looks good but if I understand correctly this will execute the report 365 days after the initial date the task was created but I need to have it send for example on December 31 each year or quarterly, meaning March, June, September, December

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