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Is is possible to have complex conditions or groups f conditions in business rules?

For example,


We want to send for approval if any of these attributes are updated AND it is intiated by a particular user (service account).

If I change the logical operator it switches for everything and doesn't appear that I can group/nest conditions either.

I know I can write multiple sets but that could send multiple emails depending on if more than one attribute changed.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish what I am looking to do?

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Unfortunately, there is no possibility to have complex conditions like you are describing. However, you can achieve the desired behavior with the help of an Else If block and the Do nothing action. Finally, your business rule will look like the following: image.png For details, have a look at section Else If and Else Blocks of the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_AutomatingDailyTasks_AutomateUserProvisioning.htm.

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