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Thanks for the info.

I'm now grabbing the %adm-ManagerUserName% value, but need to remove the final 21 characters of it so it contains only their username and not our domain. Following the guidance of the Set-AdmUser cmdlet, I created the script below:

$user = $Context.TargetObject

$MgrUserName = "%adm-ManagerUserName%" $MgrUserName = $MgrUserName.SubString(0,$MgrUserName.length-21)

Set-AdmUser "$user" -Add @{"adm-CustomAttributeText39"="$MgrUserName"} -AdaxesService localhost

However when testing this in the PowerShell Script Editor for my business rule, I get the following error:


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The error occurs because the identity passed to the cmdlet is incorrect. It should be done using the Put method.

Also, values represented by variables should not be wrapped by quotes. The correct way to trim strings in such cases is using the identifier of the corresponding character. In this case, the separating character is @. Finally, your script should look exactly as follows:

$MgrUserName = "%adm-ManagerUserName%"
$MgrUserName = $MgrUserName.SubString(0, $MgrUserName.IndexOf("@"))

$Context.TargetObject.Put("adm-CustomAttributeText39", $MgrUserName)

Thank you, that worked perfectly! I appreciate your guidance to a PowerShell newbie.

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