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i have an powerhell variable that contains a hashtable. Is there a way to add the content of this hashtable to an adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue of a user?

I tried the following, but it's not working:

Set-ADmUser -identity $sam -add @{"adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1"=$hashtable} -AdaxesService localhost

Thanks for your assistance!

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Unfortunately, it cannot work like that as each value of a multi-valued attribute must be a string. Could you, please, provide us with an example of the hash table you have and how exactly you need to save values to adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1?

Also, please, specify where the script will be executed (e.g. in a custom command, outside of Adaxes, etc.).



i would like to use it in a custom command.

The hash table looks somehow like this:

Name                           Value
----                           -----
UserPrincipalName              user@domain.com
TwoWayVoiceMobile              False
DisplayName                    User, Name
PhoneAppNotificationIsDefault  True
PhoneAppOTP                    False
AuthPhoneNumber                +49 160 1234567
PhoneAppOTPIsDefault           False
PhoneDeviceName                {iPhone, iPhone}
ObjectID                       as04654-sdd-e104-0815-4711
PhoneAppNotification           True
State                          Disabled
TwoWayVoiceMobileIsDefault     False
OneWaySMSIsDefault             False
OneWaySMS                      True

It would be nice to have it in the CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1 row per row with Name: Value., i.E.:

UserPrincipalName:  user@domain.com
TwoWayVoiceMobile:  False
DisplayName: User, Name

Thanks a lot



Thank you for the provided details. For us to help you with a solution, please, provide the full script you are using in TXT format.

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In case if you have a general hash table (e.g. specified in a script variable), you can use the below script to save the key-value pair from the table into an Adaxes custom multi-valued attribute.

$hashTable = @{
    "key1" = "value1";
    "key2" = "value2";
    "key3" = "value3";

# Convert hash table into array
$array = $hashTable.GetEnumerator() | %% {"$($_.Key): $($_.Value)"}

# Update the target user
$Context.TargetObject.PutEx("ADS_PROPERTY_UPDATE", "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1", $array)

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