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Currently we delegate some low level active directory tasks to managers. I would like to investigate the plausability of delegating some type of Sick leave sequence.

At the moment I am thinking that a scheduled task built from a date time custom attribute could trigger some future operations such as deny log in, set out of office and sign out of Office365 etc.

It would need to be temorary and reversible.

Some things are much too permanant like for instance disabling an account would soft delete it from Office365.

Wondering if you have any ideas



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Hello Will,

We do not have recommendations on the actions to be performed as they totally depend on your environment and requirements. As for the solution itself, you can use a scheduled task, two custom date attributes (e.g. CustomAttributeDate1 and CustomAttributeDate2) and two custom commands. The attributes will be used to determine when the custom command with sick/leave actions should be executed and the second attribute will specify when to execute the command to revert the actions. In this case, the scheduled task will look like the following: image.png


Thanks, this has been perfect. I have implemented it already for testing

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