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I am working on the Self Service site and trying to get groups I want to show in the Join\Leave section. I have created a business unit with all the groups I want visible and given authenticated users read access to the BU. The groups are not visible still.

What do I needd to do to get groups to populate there? Read access in a BU doesn't appear to be working.

The BU's I've give access to see Users and Contacts have worked.

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I have looked at: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingPermissions_RequestApprovalForAddingMembersToGroups.htm and https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_DelegatingPermissions_GrantRightsToModifyADGroupMembership.htm

Neither has helped. I have given the users write member access as described in the article.

If I login to the admin web site the user can see the BU's and objects as expected.

What am I missing ?


Adaxes chat support helped me. Turns out I needed to fix the web interface to allow access to Security groups. By default they are filtered.


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