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Is there a preferred method for setting the a default web interface so that when users browse to the base URL they will be redirected to it? For example, browsing adaxes.example.com will redirect to adaxes.example.com/SelfServ instead of the iis start page? I've tried use HTTP redirect on the default website with all the various options, but it causes all the sub-sites to be redirected as well, or a redirect loop. I assume the only option is to write a custom redirect page with rules, so looking for assistance with that.

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That can be easily done using a URL rewrite rule. To add the necessary rule:

  1. On the computer where the Web Interface is running, install the URL Rewrite Module for IIS. You can find it here.

  2. Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from Control Panel \ Administrative Tools.

  3. In the Connections Tree, expand the server that hosts Adaxes Web Interface.

  4. Select the web site where the Web Interface is hosted.

  5. In the middle pane, double-click URL Rewrite.

  6. In the Actions pane, click Add Rule(s).

  7. Select Blank rule.

  8. Click OK.

  9. Enter a name for the rule.

  10. In the Match URL section, specify the following parameters:

    • Match URL: Matches the Pattern;
    • Using: Regular Expressions;
    • Pattern: ^$
  11. In the Action section, specify the following parameters:

    • Action type: Redirect;
    • Redirect URL: http://{HTTP\_HOST}/AdaxesSelfService (where AdaxesSelfService is the name of the web application for the Web Interface that you want to redirect to);
    • Append query string: Yes;
    • Redirect type: Found (302).
  12. In the Actions pane, click Apply.


That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you, it works.

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