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I am running a report to dump some attributes. I have one attribute that is Yes or No in AD.

I want to transform that when generating that in a report.


AD value Report output value
Yes True
No False

How can do I this? I believe it is script in a report -specific column but not sure how to construct.


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Thanks, this accomplished what I needed.

A follow up question, how would I look up Disabled account and reference property to some similar transforms?

I thought of using adm-VirtualColumnDisabled but that is a caluculated value.

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Yes, you are right. It can only be done using a report-specific column. For details on working with columns, have a look at section Report-Specific Columns of the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_ActiveDirectoryManagement_CreateReport.htm#collapse3. In your case, the column should be of Text type and generated by the below script. In the script, the $propertyName variable specifies the LDAP name of the Boolean property (e.g. adm-CustomAttributeBoolean1) whose values will be displayed in the report column.

$propertyName = "adm-CustomAttributeBoolean1" # TODO: modify me

# Get property value
$object = $Context.GetADObject()
    $propertyValue = $object.Get($propertyName)
    $columnValue = $NULL

# Set column value
if ($propertyValue -eq $False)
    $columnValue = "False"
elseif ($propertyValue -eq $True)
    $columnValue = "True"

$Context.Value = $columnValue

If your report is generated by a script, it is recommended to generate report-specific column values in the script itself. For details, have a look at section Setting values for custom columns of the following SDK article: http://adaxes.com/sdk/GeneratingReports/#setting-values-for-custom-columns.

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