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I'm not sure if I am missing something simple? Can you please tell me how I view the audit history of changes made to objects performed via the Adaxes PowerShell module.

For example if i run the following;

#Get my user
$me = Get-AdmUser -Identity "CN=Me,OU=Users,DC=my,DC=domain"
#Add to my group
Add-AdmGroupMember -Identity "CN=MyGroup,OU=Groups,DC=my,DC=domain" -Members $me

The addition of my user to my group is not shown in the operation log...

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Hello Sam,

The thing is that cmdlets can perform operations in 2 modes: changes can be made directly in AD or via an Adaxes service. If changes are made directly in AD, Adaxes service is not used, and such operations neither appear in Adaxes logs, nor trigger Business Rules. To perform operations via an Adaxes service, pass the service address via the -AdaxesService parameter, for example:

Add-AdmGroupMember -Identity "CN=MyGroup,OU=Groups,DC=my,DC=domain" -Members $me -AdaxesService localhost

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