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We're utilizing the custom adaxes attributes for a few parts in our employee onboarding procedure. Among them is a step where we specify what buildings a user will need access to. The attribute that is storing this info is "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1".

In our business rule to send out an email after the user gets created, when refencing "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1" in the email, only the last value will be sent.

Example: "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1" has the following values; 1 2 3 4

When referencing "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1" in the email body, it only shows value 4, instead of 1 2 3 4.

How can I get all the values of "adm-CustomAttributeTextMultiValue1" to be sent out in an email?

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Hello Kruz,

This behavior is by design. Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility to add all the values of a multi-valued attribute to an email notification sent by the Send email notification action. It can only be done using a script. In the script, you need to use the GetEx method to retrieve all the property values and the $Context.SendMail method to send the email notification. Should you have issues writing the script, please, post here or send us (support@adaxes.com) examples of the email notification and its subject. Also, please, specify who the recipients should be. Any additional details regarding the desired behavior will be much appreciated.


Great thank you, the script worked.

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