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I'm trying to setup a business rule that will send an email to the user when they are added to a group.

Under the User Object I don't have an option to Launch the rule after the user has been added to a group

Under the Group Object I do have the ability to send an email when a member is added to the group but when I set it to send an email the %mail% variable is looking at the email address on the group, not on the new group member.

Is there a variable I can use or some other way to get the new group member's email address so I can send a notification to it?


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Hello Drew,

You need a Business Rule triggered on group objects, because when adding a user to a group, you modify the group, not the user. In particular, you add the user's DN to the Members property of the group.

There are no value references for the email of a new group member, so you will need to send mail using a script. We actually have such a script in our Script Repository. See Notify user of being added to a group.


Thanks for the help!

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