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HI Support,

I'm looking for a business Rule that remove a user from a couple of groups after the User is added to a group.

1. The User MaxMi is added to the Group “MyGroup1”
2. After adding MaxMi to the Group MyGroup he will be removed from the Groups “MyGroup2” and “FirstGroup”

I created a businessrule which is triggered after adding a User to the Group with the Name “MyGroup”. Now I’m not able to create a powershell scripts for removing the added user from the other Groups.


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In Business Rules triggered after adding or removing a member from a group, you can use the %member% value reference that returns the Distinguished Name (DN) of the member that was added or removed. For an example on how to use it, see the following article in our Script Repository: http://www.adaxes.com/script-repository ... p-s280.htm.

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