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Hallo @All,

I have a short question about business rules.
I have some Power Shell scripts that should run after I create and update a user object.
So I have the option to set after create or after change an object.

When I create two business rules with exact the same doings I have to maintain both of them. :(

Is there a way to trigger a business rule or to setup my goals?

Thanks and have a nice weekend

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Hello Arne,

In such scenarios, the best practice is to create a Custom Command with all the necessary actions and conditions, and then execute it by both the Business Rules. In this case, you will need to maintain only the Custom Command.

For information on how to create a Custom Command, see Create a Custom Command. To execute it in your Business Rules, use the Execute a Custom Command action.

In order to avoid running the command manually from the UI, you can disable it. Disabled Custom Commands do not appear anywhere in the UI and can be executed only by Business Rules, Scheduled Tasks and other Custom Commands.


Hello Support,

that's nice and working for me.

Big thank's to you.
Kind regards

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