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We've updated our password policy and although when I view via Adaxes it appears correctly, when selecting 'generate password', it does not meet the complexity. Specifically it does not include any characters.
Where can I change/include this?


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Thanks, that worked.



So I just found out that this works once you click on the user, but it doesn't work when you do a search, click the box, and choose reset password. It still has the other password requirement.
How can I change?

Please advise.

Thank You



Could you answer the following questions:

  1. What version of Adaxes are you using (including the build number)?
  2. What password generation parameters did you specify per the instructions in the help article? Can you post the line with your modifications from the configuration file here?
  3. Which characters exactly don't appear in the generated passwords (e.g. specialChars, lowerChars, upperChars)?

2.I specified special Characters
"<!-- password generation settings -->
<passwordGeneration minLengthDefault="8" maxLengthDefault="10" lowerChars="abcdefgijkmnopqrstwxyz" upperChars="ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTWXYZ" numericChars="23456789" specialChars="!#$%" otherChars=""/>"

I may have fixed it. it was the length of the password that was inconsistent. On the search/reset password, it was 10. Where as if I click on the user itself, the minimum was 12, which is what it should be. I've updated the min and max default to be 12.


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