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Hello, I am looking for a way with a custom command or script to change ExtensionAttribute4 for all users in a specific OU(and Sub-OU's). Currently all of the values are firstname.lastname@xxx.com and I need to change them to firstname.lastname@yyy.com just changing the field after the @ symbol.

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One Way you could do it is from the Adaxes Administration Console.

In the Console Tree, open Active Directory, then your domain
In the Console Tree select the OU with your users
In the Result Pane, Select, Shift-Select, or CTRL-Select the user(s) you want to modify
Right-Click one of the highlighted accounts and select "Add/Modify Property"

Select "Show all properties" then scroll through the list and select "extensionAttribute4" then "Next"

In the Property value, enter %firstname%.%lastname%@yyy.com (or %firstname:lower%.%lastname:lower%@yyy.com if you want all lower) and click Next

Alternately, you can click on the "Insert a property value reference" button to the right of the box and select your fields

Click "Finish". You should get confirmation for all the users that were modified.

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Unfortunately, the Firstname and LastName fields do not always match what is in the EA4. I would need something that captures the EA4 value before the @ and writes it to a CustomAttribText value. Once I had that I could easily re-write the field with a custom command.

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