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Our Adaxes Microsoft 365 Tenant was created before we copmpleted the "app registration" in Azure. Which means that in the instructions for "Register Adaxes as an app in Microsoft Azure", we did not do steps 5-9 (screenshot attached of steps).


My questions are:

  1. in order for us to be able to do steps 5-9, will we have to delete then readd our current M365 tenant in Adaxes?
  2. if we have to delete/readd the current M365 tenant, would that affect any of our custom commands that we have created?


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It is not required to remove and then register your Microsoft 365 tenant again. You can directly change the account used for it. To do so:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.
  2. In the Console Tree, expand your service node.
  3. Navigate to Configuration\Cloud Services and select Microsoft 365.
  4. In the Result Pane on the right, select your tenant and then click Edit below. image.png
  5. Activate the Authentication tab.
  6. Select the Application account option. image.png
  7. Enter the required data according to the article you referenced.
  8. Click OK.

Thanks for the reply and sorry if this is a duplicate question.

I do not have that option when I edit the tenant. See screenshots of how it looks as well as our current version of Adaxes.

I do not have the 'application account' options when I go to the 'authentication' tab. Is there something that we can do to get that option so I can then follow your instructions?





The thing is that the feature was introduced in Adaxes 2021.1. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use an Azure application for your Microsoft 365 tenant in Adaxes in version 2020.1. To be able to use the functionality, you need to upgrade. For details, have a look at the corresponding section of our installation guide: https://www.adaxes.com/help/InstallationGuide/#upgrade.

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