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Good morning, I need to export in excel custom attribute from user in one row. Like this: columns: DisplayName,Email,%adm-CustomAttributeDate10%(Friendyname),%adm-CustomAttributeText17%(Displayname),%adm-CustomAttributeBoolean11%(Displayname),%adm-CustomAttributeBoolean12%(Displayname) Row: Name,email,04/04/2022,TEXT,YES,YES Row: Name2,email2,10/04/2022,TEXT,YES,YES I need to create a report where the user is update. All the business rule work but I can't create the report correctly with the columns and rows formatted. Any suggest? Thanks

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Hello Simone,

Sorry for the confusion, but we are not sure what exactly you mean by in one row. Please, send a sample file to support@adaxes.com. Also, please, specify how exactly the file should be generated. Do you need it as part of a specific workflow or it can be just a separate report generated manually on demand?

Any additional information and live examples will be very helpful.

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