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Receive "Index operation failed; the array index evaluated to null. Stack trace: at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 104>" and "Index operation failed; the array index evaluated to null. Stack trace: at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 108>"

Can't make sense of it. This runs fine outside of Adaxes in PS terminal.

# AdaxesNewUserGroups.ps1 (7-1)
# **  New user created from Adaxes, triggers to read AD groups from the       **
# **  "Job Title and Permissions.csv" sheet and assign them to the new user. **

Param (

Start-Sleep -Seconds 5

#*** Declarations ***

$UserName = "%username%"
$JobTitle = (Get-ADUser $UserName -Properties Title).Title
$Branch = (Get-ADUser $UserName -Properties Office).Office

Write-Output "Username = $UserName"
Write-Output "JobTitle = $JobTitle"

#'Job Title and Permissions' file to be read
$FileCSV = "C:\scripts\Job Title and Permissions.csv"

$NewUser = @{
    UserName = $UserName;
    JobTitle = $JobTitle;
    branch = $branch;
    groups = @()
    DistName = $DistName

$BranchCol = @() # Branch Location (not in csv)
$TitleCol = @() # "Job Title" Column
$GroupCol = @() # "AD:Member Of" Column
$groups = @()

$domain = "myfancydomain.com"

$LogPath = "C:\Scripts\Logs\AdaxesNewUserGroups_Log_$(Get-Date -format "yyyyMMddHHmmss").txt"
Start-Transcript -Path $LogPath

Write-Output "LogPath = $LogPath"
Write-Output ""
Write-Output "username = $UserName", "JobTitle = $JobTitle", "branch = $branch"
Write-Output ""

#*** Read from CSV and load each table ***

Write-Output "*** Starting Table Load ***"
#Import-Csv 'C:\scripts\Job Title and Permissions.csv' |`
Import-Csv $FileCSV |`
    ForEach-Object {
        $TitleCol += $_."Job Title"
        $GroupCol += $_."AD: Member Of"
Import-Csv 'C:\scripts\Branches.csv' |`
    ForEach-Object {
        $BranchCol += $_.branch

$EndCSV1 = $i
$EndCSV2 = $j

Write-Output " "
Write-Output "*** End Table Load ***"
Write-Output " "

#*** Traverse the table to find the New User's Job Title ***

$i = 0
    ForEach ($Title in $TitleCol) {
        If ($TitleCol[$i] -eq $NewUser["JobTitle"]) {
           $iRange = $i # Found the target JobTitle - save the index where the AD Groups start
        } #if

# ** Assign the AD Group Names to the New User **

$j = 0
Write-Output ""
Write-Output "*** AD Groups to Assign ***"
Write-Output ""
do {
    write-Output $GroupCol[$iRange]

    # Replace "(Branch)" with the actual branch of the New User

    if ($GroupCol[$iRange].StartsWith("(Branch)")) {
        write-Output "starts with Branch"
        Write-Output ""
        $NewUser.groups += $GroupCol[$iRange].Replace("(Branch)", $NewUser.branch)
    } else {
        $NewUser.groups += $GroupCol[$iRange]
    } #if-else

    $iRange++ #Column number + 1
    $j++      #Absolute number of groups + 1
} until (($TitleCol[$iRange] -ne "") -or ($GroupCol[$iRange] -eq ""))

#*** Assign the User to the Group, if not already in the group ***

$NewUser.DN = (Get-ADUser -Identity $NewUser.username).DistinguishedName
$groups = $NewUser.groups

foreach ($group in $groups) {
    $GroupMast = (Get-ADGroup -Filter "Name -eq '$group'" -Properties *)
    $GroupDN = ($GroupMast | select DistinguishedName).DistinguishedName
    $GroupName = ($GroupMast | select Name).Name
    write-output ""
    write-output "group = $group"
    Write-output "GroupDN = $GroupDN"
    Write-output "GroupName = $GroupName"

    if ($group = $GroupName) {
        write-output "Found $group group"

        #Skip the 'Domain Users' group - since it is already assigned to the new user
        if ($group -ne "Domain Users") {
        #assign user to group
            Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $GroupDN -Members $NewUser.DN -Server $domain
            Write-Output "group = $group finished assignment to user"
        } else {
            write-output "Skipping $group group"
    } else {
        write-output "$group group not found. Found $GroupName, $GroupDN."
} #foreach
write-output ""
Write-Output ""
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Hello Jack,

The issue is caused by the $iRange variable that is equal $NULL instead of digits and used in an array at lines 96 and 100 of your script. As a possible solution here, you can add the following code to display an error in the Execution log and exit from the script in case of $iRange variable being $NULL:

if ($NULL -eq $iRange)
    $Context.LogMessage("Target  JobTitle wasn’t found.", "Error")

If that is not what you need, for us to suggest a solution, please, provide an accurate description of all variables used in the script and how exactly the script should work. Live examples of the desired behaviour will be much appreciated.

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