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Hello ,

I have the "disable inactive computer list" script. The script runs on the system every morning. But I noticed that the script doesn't work properly on some PCs. When I get a report about Adaxes, I can see that the computers are not active for the specified time . By the way, when I delete or change the account inactive line, the script works for prolematic computers. By the way, I checked the Last Login Timestamp / Last Login and Password Last Setting properties, it seems to be older than the specified time

Can you help me ? What is the problem ?

Thank you in advance.


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What exactly do you mean by doesn't work properly on some PCs? Do you mean that for some computers the actions are not executed while the computers look like meeting the conditions? Do you face any errors? If you do, please, post here or send us (support@adaxes.com) screenshots. Also, please, post here or send us in TXT format the Collecting inactive Computers script.

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Thank you for the provided details. To check computer inactivity Adaxes not only checks the property values, but also pings the computer using the value of the dnsHostName property. If the ping is successful, the computer is considered active no matter of the Last Logon Timestamp / Last Logon and Password Last Set property values.

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