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I want to check if an alias exists in google via using a GAM command before user creation.

So far Create a "Before User Creation" Business Rule with the condition "If Script Return true" and the the Action "Cancel Operation"

for the script I have the following:

($usercheck = C:\GAM\gam.exe info alias %mail%) 2>&1> $null if ($usercheck -eq " Alias Email: %mail%") {[boolean]$usercheck} else {$usercheck = "" [boolean]$usercheck} When I run the above in PS, the return is the correct one, but does not seem to work once is on the Before User Createion Business Rule. Anybody doing something similar.

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What exactly do you mean by does not seem to work? For your information, to specify whether a script condition in Adaxes is met, you need to use the $Contet.ConditionIsMet property. As such, the last line in your script should be as follows:

$Context.ConditionIsMet = $usercheck -eq " Alias Email: %mail%"

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