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I'm brand new to this product and am still learning, I apologize for what are presumably bonehead questions. Here goes:

1) We've got a Create Contact action set up for one of our home page actions, which all functions correctly when we use the default form. However, once the contact creates and we're brought to the Operation Successful screen, we're given a selection of fields, one of which allows us to search for groups to add the new contact to. I'd like to restrict the scope of that search so that only a particular OU's groups are visible. I'd expect this to be done via a Custom Form rather than the Default Form, but I can't figure out how to adjust the options for the post-creation screen - are the options for the post screen. How do you customize that Operation Successful actions screen?

2) A related question - we have a Modify Contact action with a custom form as well, but we'd like to add a Group Membership option to it to allow the user to a) see what groups the contact is a member of and b) search and select groups to join. We see this functionality in the post-creation screen as specified above, but I can't figure out how to add it to a Modify Contact Custom Form. There is a property for 'MemberOf' but that appears to be a system property which we're not allowed to change.

3) Again, a custom about switching from a default form to a custom form - We have an action to Create Group, which works properly when we use the Default Form but requires the user to select Universal and Distribution group type options. We only want our users creating Universal Distribution Groups, so I've removed the option and set Universal as the default for the 'grouptype' property in Predefined Fields.

However, when creating groups with this new customized form, it seems to only be creating the AD group, and not Exchange enabling it the way the default form does. How can we insure that the custom form Exchange-enables the group?

Thanks for the information,

A brand new user.

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