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Is there a way to get a drop down list with custom and dynamic content in Adaxes administration console (or web)?

1. Get list of available number in dailplan from a PS script on the skype server.
2. Present this list on a dropdown to the user in Adaxes
3. Run a script to set that telephone number on the skypeserver.

The scripting to get the available (#1) numbers is done;

$nummerplan = (600..899) | %{$namn='Free';$tel=$_;[pscustomobject]@{Namn=$namn;Tel=$tel}}
$anknytningar = $nummerplan

$sessionOptions = New-PSSessionOption -SkipRevocationCheck -SkipCACheck -SkipCNCheck #-Culture "en-US" -UICulture "en-US" 
$session = New-PSSession   -ConnectionUri https://skypeserver/OcsPowershell -SessionOption $sessionOptions -Authentication NegotiateWithImplicitCredential 
$null =  Import-PSSession $Session -CommandName Get-CsUser -AllowClobber

$anknytningar = Get-CsUser | where{$_.lineuri} | %{$namn = (get-aduser $_.identity).name; $tel=$_.lineuri.substring($_.lineuri.length-3); [pscustomobject]@{Namn=$namn;Tel=$tel}} | Sort-Object tel
$anknytningar +=Get-CsRgsWorkflow | %{$namn =$_.name; $tel=$_.lineuri.substring($_.lineuri.length-3); [pscustomobject]@{Namn=$namn;Tel=$tel}} | Sort-Object tel 
$freeTelephoneNumbers= $nummerplan | where {$anknytningar.tel -notcontains $_.tel}

#3 on the list maybe use built in action ‘Enable or disable for Lync’ from a temp variable populated in #2.

How can we address #2?

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