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Today we upgradet to Adaxes 2023, V3.15 and I really don't like the new "search" tool. Looking with criterias make sense, in special cases yes, but not everytime.

Is it possible to get the old search bar back?

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Hello Tim,

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use the old advanced search in Adaxes 2023. On the other hand, quick search did not undergo any changes.



I was just looking to post this same question. The criteria is going to be amazingly useful for many many situations, but for an everyday search the old Find was much more useful. I would be really nice to have the old Find back in a future release, maybe replacing the "LDAP Search" tab with criteria.

I appreciate that the quck search hasn't changed, but sometimes it's quicker to search a single domain for what you need in a complicated environment such as the one I support which has 11 domains in the forest!



Hello Matt,

Thank you for the feedback. We forwarded it to the corresponding department.



I too can see how the advanced search will be useful, but for most day to day tasks its completely unhelpful and is going to slow a number of tasks down.

You've made this product unusable for a huge percentage of what our support staff currently use it for


Hello Chris,

What exactly do you mean? The Web interface search has not undergone significant changes. In the Administration console it is also pretty much the same, just specifying the search criteria is now a bit different. Please, describe the actual difference that causes the difficulties in all the possible details with screenshots.



Hello Support,

I am speaking only of the Administration Console. Perviously we only had to type in a User, Computer or Group and click on search.

Now we have to jump through multiple hoops to get the same result. But as we generally do this all day everyday, we can't just type in another name, we have to go back, reconfigure and run the search again. I've been in the office 4 hours and all i've had is people complaining. Its going to have a massive impact and right now i think our best option is going to be to roll back to a previous version.

The advanced search is brilliant and going to be so useful going forward. But it should be there as a choice in my opinion, not the default.


Hello Chis,

Thank you for the clarification. We passed the details to the corresponding department.

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