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We're testing 2023.1 and have registed the app per your guide https://adaxes.com/help/RegisterAdaxesAsAppMicrosoftAzure/

When I've tried to use the app registration for both the Cloud Service and domain registation, I've received warnings about the app's permissions.

For the Cloud Service it was Adaxes 1.png

For the Azure domain, it was this image.png

With the permissions from your guide, are there going to be tasks we can't perform?



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Hello Matt,

Please, make sure that the Azured AD roles specified in the corresponding section of the following help article are assigned to the application you created: https://adaxes.com/help/RegisterAdaxesAsAppMicrosoftAzure/#assign-roles-to-the-app.

If you assign the roles and API permissions specified in the article, you should be able to manage your Azure AD domain and perform Microsoft 365 tasks with no issues.


Thanks for the reply.

I have followed the instructions from your guide, I just wanted to check though as the Cloud Service is saying "Exchange administrator", whereas the guide says to grant "Exchange recipient administrator".

If that's the required permissions though then the security team will be much happeir :D

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