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On rare occasions, I get the following message when viewing the exchange properties;

'The operation cannot be executed by any available API.'

This only happens to a few users, but happens all the time for them and therefore unable to manage exchange properties via Adaxes. The users concerned have either a full mailbox or a contact object. On the most part however, these properties are displayed for users.

Has anyone else experienced this issue at all?

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I am receiving the same error with Adaxes 2018.2 and Exchange 2013. Same thing, only happens on about 10 percent of objects. Did you ever get a resolution on this?

Seems like this post has been viewed quite a bit...hopefully someone has had luck.



Could you, please, specify whether you have a hybrid environment or only Exchange Online/on-premise?

For troubleshooting purposes, enable tracing of requests sent to Exchange Servers, reproduce the error and send us (support[at]adaxes.com) the log file. For information on how to enable the tracing, see: http://www.adaxes.com/help/?HowDoI.Perf ... uests.html.

Also, could you specify for which types of objects the issue occurs? Does it happen only for users/groups or for multiple types of objects?


Thanks for the quick response!

I enabled tracing per the link provided and was able to view activity when the command to view exchange properties ran successfully.

However, when I come across an object that receives the error, no log activity is observed.

The issue seems to only occur on groups.....I checked about 30 users and everything went as expected along with good log activity. I couldn't get more than a few groups before hitting the error....I would have to say it affects more than 50 percent of groups at this point.

Additionally, I have Adaxes servers in 3 other locations and they all error on the same groups.

We are running Exchange on-premise in an isolated network....due to the nature of our business, I will not be able to provide logs.

Thanks again for your help.

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Thank you for the provided details.

It looks like the issue occurs because Exchange version is not specified for the groups that have the error. We recommend you to try executing the following command in Exchange management shell for one of the groups and then check whether the issue still persists. If everything works fine after executing the command, execute it for other groups that have the error.

Set-DistributionGroup –ForceUpgrade

For more details about the cmdlet, see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powers ... xchange-ps.


That worked!


Thanks for your help!

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