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I have followed the tutorial on how to set an addresses based on the Office field. http://www.adaxes.com/tutorials_Simplif ... Office.htm

The scenario is that for employees I create a "Create Employee Account" Home Page action and use a User Pattern to force certain Office field values. I also remove the address, zip code, City, etc fields from the web form since they are superfluous because we are setting them with a Business Rule based on the Office field. Otherwise people might fill those in even through the Business Rule takes care of that.

The problem is I may have a contractor that we would like to put an office address for but A) I've removed those fields from the web form for my employees and b) I'm using a User Pattern to force drop-down choices which I don't want for the contractor.

I tried creating a new Home Page Action for "Create Contractor Account" but the User Pattern is still used for that action forcing me to choose one of the Offices. I've also tried limiting the Activity Scope for that User Pattern to specific OUs for the employee objects that that doesn't work either.

Is there a way to limit this User Pattern from being enforced to a specific Home Page action for creating a user?

Or if that isn't possible is it possible to conditionally allow the Zip/Postal, Street Address, etc fields to be edited based on the value chosen in the Office dropdown list? E.g only let them be edited if there if a values such as "Contractor" is selected?

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Odd, I must have done something wrong initially because after setting the Activity Scope for the User Property Pattern again to the Employee OUs only the drop-down list now only appears for the Create Employee Account action and doesn't appear for the Create Contractor Account action.

So it's doing exactly what I want now.

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