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Hi there,

I can't seem to install the latest Adaxes client - an error appears - Error writing to file: Newtonsoft.Json.dll

I've tried running the installer with admin rights but the same thing happens.


Could you suggest anyway I can resolve this?



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Hello Henry,

Please, install Adaxes with detailed logging and send us the log file. To do this:

  1. Start installation using the following command (e.g. in Windows command prompt):

     msiexec /i C:\Installs\adaxes.msi /lvx C:\Logs\adaxeslog.txt 


    • ​C:\Installs\adaxes.msi​ - the full path to the Adaxes installation package.
    • C:\Logs\adaxeslog.txt - the full path to the log file generated during the installation.
  2. Proceed with installation until you face the error.

  3. Send the generated installation log file to us (support@adaxes.com).

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