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I'm troubleshooting a weird issue with the "Create User" form and the business rules behind it. The error that's being returned is that the "Company" property doesn't meet the following contstraint: must be one of: "CompanyA" or "CompanyB". The weirdness is that the error only occurs for a single Office value in a list of multiple values.

Some additional details:

  • The Create User from sets "CompanyA" as the default value when the form is opened.

  • In addition to the "Company" User Pattern, we're also setting the "Office" information which updates the account's address information.

  • For the "Office" selection, the business rule iterates through an "If - ElseIf" for multiple office values. For example:

      If the operation succeeded AND
          the "Office" property equals "Location1" then
          modify the user: [set the L2 address information]
          Else if the "Office" property equals "Location2" then
          modify the user: [set the L2 address information]
          Else if the "Office" property equals "Location3" then
          modify the user: [set the L3 address information]

    And so on, through many other office locations.

Other office locations in this "If - ElseIf" logic complete successfully, with no error and the address is populated. For example, let's say that "Location5" is the location that throws the error. If I create an account with "Location4" or "Location6", the account is created and the address information is populated.

In addition, when I hover over/view the specific "Create" event in the logs I can clearly see that the "Company" value is being set with the "CompanyA" value.

I'm really having a hard time understanding why this one value would fail. Thoughts?

Thank you, -Todd

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Hello Todd,

For troubleshooting purposes, please, provide us with a screenshot of the execution log for user creation that has the issue. For details on how to view the log, see https://www.adaxes.com/help/ViewOperationsPerformedViaAdaxes. Please, make sure that the screenshot includes all the records. Also, please, provide us with a screenshot of the full business rule you referenced.

You can post the screenshots here or send to us at support@adaxes.com.


This issue has been resolved.

Turns out that when setting the address information for this specific location, the "Company" attribute was used when trying to set the value for the "Country". The value, in this case, being "US".

Since "Company" has a contstraint that is something other than "US", the account update failed and threw the error.

Looked at the error more times than I care to admit and failed to see that mistake. Many thanks to Adaxes Support for the extra set of eyes.

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