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Hello, I need to create a notification for a birthday style reminder every year on the month and day of a collaborator's birthday or work anniversary in the company.

example today we have a date and time fields that we perform some automation, sending onboarding and offboarding, this works, because the schedule validates if the date and time of the field is true.

However, we need to take that same onbording date field, and every year following that date, on the same day of the month, it will perform an action.

Would you be able to perform this action?

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Do we understand correctly that the required date is stored in one of user account properties and every year you need to send an email when the current date matches the one in the property despite the year? If that is correct, you can use a scheduled task with the below script condition. In the script, the $property variable specifies the name of the property storing the date to check. The task should be executed on a daily basis. Finally, it will look like the following: image.png

$property = "adm-CustomAttributeDate1" # TODO: modify me

# Get attribute value
    $compareDate = $Context.TargetObject.Get($property)    
    $Context.ConditionIsMet = $False

# Compare dates
$currentDate = [System.DateTime]::UtcNow
$Context.ConditionIsMet = ($compareDate.Month -eq $currentDate.Month) -and ($compareDate.Day -eq $currentDate.Day)

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