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Hi we are trying to add users to a group based on the values of their "Office" and "Description" attributes within Active Directory.

We have populated the below script to search a defined hashtable for the values however this doesn't seem to be populating the results we are after.

All advice welcome!

Import-Module Adaxes

$officeDescriptionToGroup = @{ "Site1-Job1" = "CN=ROLE_Test1,OU=Site1,OU=Site,OU=Domain Role Groups,DC=company,DC=com" "Site2-Job2" = "CN=ROLE_Test2,OU=Site2,OU=Site,OU=Domain Role Groups,DC=company,DC=com"


$userOffice = $Context.TargetObject.OfficeLocations $userDescription = $Context.TargetObject.Description $combination = "$userOffice-$userDescription"

if ($officeDescriptionToGroup.ContainsKey($combination)) {

$groupDN = $officeDescriptionToGroup[$combination] $userObject = Get-AdmUser -Filter { Name -eq $Context.TargetObject.Name }

if ($userObject -ne $null) { Add-AdmGroupMember -DN $groupDN -Members $userObject $Context.LogMessage("User $($Context.TargetObject.Name) added to group $groupDN.") } else { $Context.LogMessage("Error: User $($Context.TargetObject.Name) not found.")

} }

else { $Context.LogMessage("No matching criteria found for User $($Context.TargetObject.Name).") }

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First of all, you can make the groups rule-based. As a result, no scripts will be required to adjust membership. For details, see section Rule-based groups of the following tutorial: https://www.adaxes.com/help/AddUsersToGroupsByDepartment/#dynamicgroups.

If you still want to use a script, have a look at the following one from our repository: https://www.adaxes.com/script-repository/update-group-membership-based-on-two-properties-s510.htm.

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