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We are creating a scheduled task with powershell script to check for group licensing errors in Azure/Entra ID using Graph API but the connection throws an error.

`# Connect to Graph
$token = $Context.CloudServices.GetAzureAuthAccessToken("https://graph.microsoft.com")
# $token = $Context.CloudServices.GetAzureAuthAccessToken()
$token = $token | ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText -Force
Connect-MgGraph -AccessToken $token

$users = Get-MgUser -All -Property AssignedLicenses, LicenseAssignmentStates, DisplayName | Select-Object DisplayName, AssignedLicenses -ExpandProperty LicenseAssignmentStates | Select-Object DisplayName, AssignedByGroup, State, Error, SkuId
#count the number of users found with errors
$count = 0
# Loop through each user and check the Error property for None value
foreach($user in $users) {
    if($user.Error -ne "None") {
        $count += 1
        Write-Host "User $($user.DisplayName) has a license error"
if ($count -le 0) {
 write-host "No user found with license errors"


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The error occurs because the target object the script is executed on is not included into the associated scope of a Microsoft 365 tenant in Adaxes. For details on how to check that, see https://www.adaxes.com/help/LookupTenantForUser.


Thanks for this answer, we got it working!

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