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Hello. I got a script that when E-mail forwarding is set, it automatically sends an email to the person that will recieve the forwarded emails for 6 months.

But I'd like to send an email to said forwarding reciever 1 month before the 6 month timer is done. For that i made a seperate automation, that has a script.

My question is - how to set CustomAttributeText35 within a powershell command to the user on which the command is executed on?


# Email settings
$bodyText = $Null
$subject = "Forwarding from deprovisioned user."
$bodyHtml = "text"

$userReciever = $Context.BindToObjectByDN("%param-delegateForwarding%")

    $userRecieverEmail = $userReciever.Get("mail")    
    $Context.LogMessage("The user specified in parameter 'MyParameter' has no email address. ", "Information")    

# Send mail
$Context.SendMail($userRecieverEmail, $subject, $bodyText, $bodyHtml)

Ive tried to use

Set-AdmUser xxxxxxxxxxxx -Replace @{"adm-CustomAttributeText35"="$userRecieverEmail"}

But i cant figure out what to put in the xxxxxxx so it would take the account that im running command on.

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Hello Edgar,

how to set CustomAttributeText35 within a powershell command to the user on which the command is executed on?

You will need to use exactly the below code:

$Context.TargetObject.Put("adm-CustomAttributeText35", $userRecieverEmail)

The following article will be helpful: https://adaxes.com/sdk/ServerSideScripting.

Set-AdmUser xxxxxxxxxxxx -Replace @{"adm-CustomAttributeText35"="$userRecieverEmail"}

For details on using the cmdlet, have a look at the following article: https://adaxes.com/sdk/Set-AdmUser. Pay attention to parameters -AdaxesService and -Identity.

Adaxes custom attributes are not availble in any other tools. As such, you can only retrieve or set them using cmdlets with the -AdaxesService parameter specified.


Thank You! Worked perfectly!

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