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When adding a user from a group, Business rule with operation "Before updating a Group" is triggered.
If this is the right functionality, what is the purpose of operation "Before adding a member to a Group" ??

Technically the group is updated (member attribute), but literally not updates were made on the group,
because the operation "Before adding a member to a Group" should be used when adding members instead.

Please correct this and/or suggest a workaround.


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This behavior is correct as the Member property of a group is modified.
As a workaround, you can add the If PowerShell script returns true condition to the Business Rule with the following script:

$Context.ConditionIsMet = $True

$operation = $Context.Action.GetOperationName($NULL, $Context.TargetObject, " ADM_ACTIONNAMEFORMAT_GENERAL")

If ($operation -eq "manage group members")
    $Context.ConditionIsMet = $False

The script returns False if only Member property is updated, and the Business Rule is not triggered.

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